Grove RT58B

Grove RT58B

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Machine Information
CategoryRough Terrain Cranes
BrandGrove RT58B
LocationBauxite, AR
CountryUnited States
Hours23 h
Serial number49409
Additional informationManitowoc CraneCARE scope of work for the remanufacturing of RT 58B serial number 49409.
Our Encore Certified Crane Check program was created to assist in laying down the parameters for a complete machine remanufacture and thorough inspection using OEM replacement parts and utilizing a factory owned and operated facility manned by specially qualified technicians. The scope of the program is to restore the unit as close to original specifications as possible. The machine will be completely disassembled, some components will be remanufactured, and many will be replaced with new parts. By major components:
1. Engine was rebuilt by OEM (Detroit) back to factory specs.2. All hydraulic hoses, tubing, gaskets, were replaced.3. Hydraulic control valves, electric solenoids valves, flow dividers, holding valves and pilot operated check valves: were replaced/rebuilt with new components.4. Hydraulic Cylinders: Steering, axle lock-out, outrigger extension, boom lift, boom telescopic, were remanufactured and pressure tested.5. Hydraulic swivel was remanufactured, and pressure tested. The electric swivel was replaced.6. Hydraulic and Fuel tanks were drained, removed, and thoroughly cleaned. New filters were provided including fuel and hydraulic and fuel-water separator. New fuel lines were installed.7. All electric wiring harnesses were all replaced.
8. The batteries were replaced, and the alternator was remanufactured.9. Lights and indicators: including headlights, back-ups, turn signals etc. were replaced.10. Engine radiator was cleaned and inspected by local radiator shop.11. All hydraulic pumps (steer, 3 stage, charge) were replaced.12. Swing bearing, bolts, and all mounting hardware were replaced.13. Model 15 main hoist was remanufactured. The wire rope, wedge, brakes, gear reduction units, cable follower bearings, sprag clutch, seals, etc. were replaced. A load test was performed.
14. Telescopic hydraulic boom assembly: The entire boom was removed and disassembled. Each section was inspected using our procedures to check for camber, twist, squareness, convex, concave or any structural defects. All hardware, sheaves, rope retainer pins, bearings, spacers, wear pads, extension and retraction cables inside the boom was replaced.15. The four tires were replaced. Wheels were blasted and painted.
16. Drivelines and universal joints were replaced/rebuilt with new hardware.17. New brake master cylinder, booster, brake lines and wheel cylinders were replaced.18. The entire exhaust system was replaced. The air filter, canister and intake flex lines were replaced.19. Remanufacturing of the cab will include the following:
• Replacement of all cab weather-stripping, cab acoustic, and floor mat.• Replacement operators’ door latch, locks, and handles.• Replacement of all cab glass and rubber seal.• Replacement of all gauges, indicator lights, panels or control labels and switches.• Replacement of operators’ seat to include retractable seat belt.
• Replacement of steering wheel, steering column including horn switch.• Replacement of side mounted mirrors, cab fan, dome light, wiper system, and accelerator pedal.
20. Swing gearbox was removed and remanufactured. The swing brake, motor, and the pinion gear were replaced.21. The four outrigger beams were removed, blasted, and painted. A new outrigger control valve was installed.22. Hook block and headache ball structure and sheaves were inspected and replaced as needed. All sheave bearings were replaced.23. LMI - Wika QScale LMI (Load Moment Indicator) system retrofit with currently available technology will be provided. This system shall provide comparable performance to existing new crane systems.24. Clean and paint the entire machine and install new decals in accordance with Manitowoc Crane
Group manufacturing and design requirements.25. We will provide limited warranty for a one (1) year timeframe for all work completed. The start of the warranty shall be the in-service day of the crane.
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