Potain IGO T 85 A

Potain IGO T 85 A

385,000 USD
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Machine Information
CategoryTower Cranes
BrandPotain IGO T 85 A
CountryUnited States
Additional InformationBASIC UNIT
MAST: Lattice telescoping mast with standard variable tip heights: 66 ft (20 m) and 75 ft (23 m)
HOOK HEIGHTS: 75 ft (23 m) with jib offset at 0˚, 138 ft (42 m) with max jib offset at 30˚.
JIB: Standard jib length is 148 ft (45 m).
REMOTE CONTROL: Radio remote control and auxiliary tethered control are standard
HOIST: The 20 LVF 15 Optima variable frequency hoist offers line speeds up to 213 ft/min (65 m/min).
WIRE ROPE: Ample wire rope to reach the ground with four-part line.
HOOKBLOCK: SM/DM offers 2 or 4 part line setups.
TROLLEY: The 5 DVF 5 trolley is capable of speeds up to 180 ft/min (55 m/min).
SWING: The RVF 151 Optima+ swing motor allows the crane a maximum swing speed of 0.8 RPM
OUTRIGGERS: 14.8 ft (4.5 m) center to center of outrigger pads. Flat outrigger pads (sole plates with screw jacks).
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT: 480 volt, 60Hz, measured at the turntable.
ANEMOMETER: Provides wind speed information
PAINT: Manitowoc Red

IGO T 85 A BASIC UNIT with Standard North American Specification: Includes off-settable jib, pre-equipment for interference system, Top Zone, 3 mast inserts and 17 Counterweight slabs

Optional Equipment included in price:
Tethered cord control, identical to standard wireless remote (master controller 1 part (cable 98 ft (30m))
Access Ladders (required with cab)
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price385,000 USD 
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Paul Autry
Shady Grove Pennyslvania 17256
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